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Smart contemporary home with 4 BHK. The brief of the client was to create a open modern house with interacting with nature. So the question is our answer. More open and Exterior and interior spaces are woven meticulously for the flow of spaces. It is a G+1 structure with connecting spaces of each floor to floor to have the family privacy wedded with connection of spaces. Since the site is west facing the usage of sun light is effective. All the rooms has cross ventilation which evades the artificial lighting and ventilation. It is a green building which will have zero emission and maximum utilization of natural resources. All the materials chosen are nature friendly and recyclable.
High end bungalow with posh interiors. This project was conceptualized and renovated using the existing flooring. This is 5000 sq ft bungalow in Tiruppur. The client wanted to have mix of traditional and contemperory design interiors. The existing opening, windows and doors were a challenges to design. With existing challenges we have enhanced the space more open and maintenance less designs.
Proposed Residence in Kovilpalayam, The modern elevation with contemperory elements with Glass handrails, ACP board cladding, Corner windows, Marble finish walls. It is a 4 bed room villa with open space around with vegetable garden. open landscaped balcony, Terrace garden, Solar powered green home.
Open cafeteria for office. We recently did a open garden cafeteria with tile roof.
Office interior design This is a buyer office done for an leading exporter in Tiruppur. It is planned to have more open office environment. Also to have clusters of different departments. have privacy.
This contemperory office is has clean lines and pleasant colours. the client brief was to create an environment that will sooth the eyes of the staff working for long hours. Also the visual connectivity of the staff and senior to be maintained for efficient work flow. so all the furnitures planning was made in such a way that maximum staffs will have direct control. The planning is as per Vaastu principles. The maximum storage space is allocated for file storage to avoid cluttered office. the office is an OPEN OFFICE CONCEPT. but still to reserve the privacy discussion of the client.
Cafeteria design. We at sahanas creations leading interior designers have done a modern and minimalist cafeteria for an office. The small open cafeteria design was executed in a short period of 1week.
Corporate Office interiors in Tiruppur with open office concept and minimalist design and details. LESS IS MORE.
Proposed Duplex Villa with 6 bed room with contemperary facade. The clients brief was to have a commercial outlet in the GF and first and Second floor for the private residence. Since this is in main business street client a balcony overlooking the road. but with privacy for the bedrooms. The play of cubes and texture was the material palette. Play of strong textures and smooth surfaces was the concept of evolving the design. This house has plenty of natural light courts internally to have introverted living but still connected to the nature. The interiors are played carefully with open courts well net with private spaces to ensure the privacy of brothers family and kids. still connecting to the entire family. This Villa is adopted with green building technologies to save the earth resources. and reduced carbon footage.