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This contemperory office is has clean lines and pleasant colours. the client brief was to create an environment that will sooth the eyes of the staff working for long hours. Also the visual connectivity of the staff and senior to be maintained for efficient work flow. so all the furnitures planning was made in such a way that maximum staffs will have direct control. The planning is as per Vaastu principles. The maximum storage space is allocated for file storage to avoid cluttered office. the office is an OPEN OFFICE CONCEPT. but still to reserve the privacy discussion of the client.
Office interior design This is a buyer office done for an leading exporter in Tiruppur. It is planned to have more open office environment. Also to have clusters of different departments. have privacy.
Proposed Villa with 5 BHK in Coimbatore. It is modern, clean line massing with Exposed brick and white materials palette. Since the site had more more frontage than the depth. The articulation of spaces are planned in such a way that it has privacy and also has more natural lighting with open to sky and internal courtyards. which will connect them to natural interior green landscapes.
Corporate office interiors It was old shed which was completely renovated to the clients requirements for their corporate office. The brief was to create a lively office with maximize the nature. So the central atrium space with landscaping with natural diffused light was the focal point of the entire office. The whole office revolves around the core of nature. All the surrounded offices are lite with natural light and beautiful natural landscaping. The old facade was face lifted to the trendy modern architecture to portray the clients profile.
Architects for Commercial Building Sahana's Creations upcoming Commercial Building in Coimbatore.The Building is Planned for IT Offices and Corporate office. Modern architecture with Maximum usage of natural lighting to be a GREEN BUILDING.
This is letter of appreciation from our client for the work we completed for their corporate office. We team sahana's creations thank Mr yasuataka who was instrumental in bringing up the office to their Co standards and perfections. To work with Japanese Co we learnt lot of their quality policies and procedures. it was a great time during the work progress.
office interiors
Corporate Office interiors in Tiruppur with open office concept and minimalist design and details. LESS IS MORE.
Open cafeteria for office. We recently did a open garden cafeteria with tile roof.